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    Zigong Dongfang general Compressor Co., Ltd.



    Mountain compressor (300257): independent innovation brand domestic industry leader

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    In the 50s of last century, screw compressor was widely used in the fields of air power, refrigeration and gas separation, because of its simple structure, less vulnerable parts and good performance of regulating gas transmission. Since 2003, the rapid development of machinery manufacturing, chemical and petrochemical, food and medicine, mine metallurgy and other industries has led to the rapid growth of the demand for general machinery, such as compressor and other related machines.




    Occupying 21% market share of screw compressor




    According to the statistics of the compressor magazine, China's air compressor (air powered use) has a market capacity of about 20 billion yuan (mainly including screw, piston and other types of air compressors) in 2010, of which the total sales volume of screw type air compressor is about 110 thousand, and the market capacity is about 15 billion yuan. The market capacity will exceed 30 billion yuan in 2015. According to statistics, the global compressor market in 2010 is about $26 billion, and will maintain steady and sustained growth in the next three years, with broad market prospects.


    When the product structure of the domestic market gradually presents the trend of screw type replacing piston type, the Zhejiang open hill compressor Limited by Share Ltd is committed to the development and sale of screw type air compressor, and takes high quality screw air compressor products to seize the market opportunity and obtain higher market share, making the company's performance steadily rising year by year. The industry is the first. In 2010, the company's sales profit margin was 17.07%, significantly higher than the industry average of 5.56%. According to the number of sales, the company occupies nearly 21% market share of domestic screw air compressor, and the market share is the first.




    Leading technology lays the industry's influence




    China has begun to enter the era of low carbon economy. The essence of low carbon economy is energy efficient utilization and new energy application. One of the core is innovation of emission reduction technology. Energy saving and emission reduction have become the guiding direction of China's industrial development. From the general statistics of manufacturing enterprises, the air system of the compressor is consumed by the 10%-20% of the enterprise, and 96% of the energy consumption of the compressed air system is the power consumed by the compressor. Therefore, the energy saving of compressor industry in China is very meaningful. 

    The products of mountain compressors have always been in the forefront of the industry in terms of energy conservation. The products of the total 15 power pedigree of the production of 18.5kw-355kw all meet the national energy saving standards and are all on record in China's energy efficiency identification network. The screw expander product in the development stage itself is a kind of energy recovery device, which can efficiently recycle the low grade energy and convert it into high grade energy, which is in line with the energy recovery industry of our country. Developing a big trend.


    High cost performance compressor 

    At present, the world's major compressor manufacturers have production bases in China. The entry of major international compressor manufacturers has intensified the market competition of China's compressor industry.


    In 2009, there were nearly 400 production enterprises in China's air compressor industry, of which the number of domestic enterprises was close to 90%, and the total sales revenue was about 6 billion yuan, accounting for 40% of the whole industry; the number of foreign enterprises was close to 10%, and the total sales revenue was about 9 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the whole industry. The competitive position of the foreign capital production plants has been formed, and the products of domestic production plants are homogenized, and the competition is concentrated in the market competition pattern of the middle and low end products market.


    At present, most of our domestic production plants adopt the manufacturing mode of spare parts purchase and system assembly, and generally do not have the self-made ability of the core components. The main engine of the screw type air compressor production enterprise of internal capital is mainly dependent on the import. The open mountain compressor adopts the technology leading differentiation strategy, tightly grasped the market advance of the screw air compressor instead of the piston air compressor in our compressor industry; the whole series of domestic market machines in the industry; the industry implements the energy efficiency mark, is committed to the market advance of energy saving and emission reduction, and the international R & D team and the mature student Production technology and advanced manufacturing equipment, after years of accumulation, has been firmly in the leading industry of compressor industry in China.


    Since its establishment, the open mountain compressor has continuously explored the product innovation, established the international R & D team at the core of Dr. Tang Yan, and gradually introduced the Joost J.Brasz and other product design experts to organize the integrated team from the design, production to sales, gradually introduced the new products for the market, and changed the technology ridges of foreign enterprises. Break the market structure and realize the localization of compressor series products.


    Compared with the internal capital compressor brand, the series brand of Kai Shan is the main brand demand with high stability and low energy consumption level. It has obvious quality advantage and high customer acceptance. Compared with the foreign air compressor production enterprise, the noise, specific power and reliability of the open mountain compressor are the same as those of the shoulder. No. 1 foreign well-known brand products, but the price is relatively low, has a certain cost-effective advantage, and has achieved partial import substitution.