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    Zigong Dongfang general Compressor Co., Ltd.



    The kick-off meeting of CPECC PetroChina Jidong Oilfield compressor project undertaken by Dongfang GM was successfully held

    Time: 2022/04/28Visits:530

    On the morning of April 26, the kick-off meeting of the electric drive reciprocating compressor unit project of the production capacity construction surface project of the Southwest Branch of China Petroleum Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. (CPECC) and the south area of Jiaxian block of Shenmu gas field of PetroChina Jidong Oilfield Company was successfully held in Dongfang general compressor company.

    one thousand six hundred and fifty-one trillion and one hundred and six billion two hundred and twelve million one hundred and twenty-four thousand two hundred and eighty-five

    Peng Lei, manager of procurement department of Southwest Branch of China Petroleum Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., li long, deputy manager of Jidong Oilfield project and other project teams, relevant staff and senior management of Dongfang general compressor project attended the meeting, which was presided over by Zhang Liping, director of project department.

    At the kick-off meeting, Wen Guangjie, vice chairman and general manager of the company, introduced the achievements of Dongfang GM in the project preparation stage and various plans in the project implementation stage to the leaders attending the meeting of CPECC, and emphasized that PetroChina Jidong Oilfield compressor project is listed as a major project of Dongfang GM, and the general manager of the project is under the command of senior leaders of the company, with unified management and unified allocation of resources. Each discipline has rich management experience The backbone with outstanding ability in the professional and technical field serves as the project manager and project members to ensure the smooth progress and completion of the project on schedule.

    In the subsequent meeting, the two parties had an in-depth discussion on technology docking, quality control and production progress, determined the relevant time schedule, and required both parties to implement and inspect in strict accordance with the schedule. At the same time, director Peng specifically introduced the overall promotion and operation of CNPC Jidong Oilfield project, stressed that there should be no loss in all links, and the compressor project is a project that both sides "can't afford to lose", and fully affirmed the preparatory work of our company since the implementation of the project. I believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, the project will achieve satisfactory results.

    At the end of the meeting, Lin Guoqiang, the general manager of the project, set an example on behalf of the company: "Dongfang GM will deliver the compressor unit of CPECC Jidong Oilfield with quality and quantity guaranteed and on schedule".

    one thousand six hundred and fifty-one trillion and one hundred and six billion two hundred and twelve million six hundred and fifty-seven thousand two hundred and eleven

    After the meeting, director Peng and the accompanying leaders visited the production site of Dongfang GM.